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My husband and I had many conversations about getting a doula for our second pregnancy, but our first home birth. Our first daughter was born in the hospital. I saw that Sarah’s Doula Services was recommended on a Facebook group. I sent her a message hoping that she would have July open and be willing to take us under her wing with only 2 months before our second was due. Sarah was so patient and full of knowledge. I had so many questions that she was able to answer with ease. She worked amazingly side by side with our midwife and student midwife. She kept in contact with me every couple of days to see how things were progressing. Having her as a doula felt like she was a friend by your side vs a nurse that you would see in the doctor’s office. Near the end of the pregnancy, as pre-labor began to start, Sarah was quick at answering all the questions we had. As the day went on she kept in contact with our midwife and me. Once my water broke, my husband called our midwife and Sarah. Sarah was the first to arrive and helped get things prepared for the midwives. She gave my husband some guidance to help me in labor. She was calm and very helpful in making the labor process easier for us both. She also took photos of the birth for us. Edna was born at 1:21 AM. After the birth, she was so helpful in making sure we were all doing well and were comfortable at home. Sarah kept in communication with us about how we were all adjusting to the new baby and becoming a family of 4. The package we purchased had postpartum visits through Sarah and through our midwife. I had PPD after having Hazel so I was worried it would return with Edna. Sarah offered many good tips and tricks during her visits in navigating the adjustment to two kids to help prevent the return of PPD. Once I returned back to work I had some unplanned stress that she helped me navigate and helped me advocate for myself. I never received that kind of help after Hazel. I love that I am able to contact her if I am struggling with adjusting or if I have a difficult situation arise. If we do have another pregnancy in the future we hope to have Sarah and our midwife as our birth team.

Keirsten M.
My husband and I were having our first baby and we were both nervous and wanted to have a doula to support us during this time. I had originally connected with one of the first couple doula Services that popped up in the area. Fortunately for us, they were booked up and provided us with Sarah’s information. I believe that things happen for a reason and I am so glad it worked out this way. From the first meeting to our last postpartum visit, Sarah was easy to connect with, explained what we should expect, helped us create our birth plan, provided great information and resources that would help our family. I ended up having to be induced and it was a long 43 hours, but Sarah was there checking in with both of us the entire time. During this time, I was a very raw and vulnerable version of myself and Sarah made me feel safe, secure, and supported. Not one time did I feel judged during my delivery experience or by any decision I made. Sarah had unexpectedly brought tea lights for the time I spent using the bathtub and it made the experience more comforting. I also owe sarah a huge thank you because I ended up having a c section and I was very nervous, but I requested to pray before the surgery and the three of us said a prayer and I loved having her support. I was also happy to have her sit with me while my husband went with our daughter. I also want to thank her for taking photos of David and I during those first moments as well. I hadn’t even thought to ask her to take those photos, but I’m so glad she did because those moments went so quickly. My favorite part about my time with her during my postpartum visits was how she explained that this time was to help me and my get on track to feeling like myself and the many conversations we had about how we were feeling and how to work through it During this new experience being first time parents.I can not recommend her enough to any one and im looking forward to using her services for any of our future children.
Karley W. 

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