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Dr. Mandi Kelso

Women’s Health Physical Therapist, Postpartum Health Coach

Pregnancy, Postpartum & Pelvic PT
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Do I need pelvic floor therapy before giving birth?

Preparing your body for the birthing process should include a visit with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist which, includes treatment and education to decrease the chances of perineal tears and the length of labor.

Do I need a pelvic floor therapy after birth?

Every woman should see a pelvic health physical therapist after having a baby. It doesn’t matter if you gave birth via c-section or vaginally, you most likely need the assistance of a pelvic health PT to help your body recover.

Why you need a physical therapist on your birth team: 

Seeing a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor and and preparing your body for birth is an essential part of your birth part plan. Not only will you learn important techniques like options for various labor positions and minimizing risk of vaginal tearing, but it also significantly decreases the overwhelm and fear that is surrounded by the unknowns of labor. Whether it is your first pregnancy or your fourth, seeing a physical therapist will help you to feel more relaxed and prepared to bring your baby into the world! You can take your birth as early as the beginning second trimester!

Importance of a check up with a physical therapist in the early postpartum stages:

Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy, labor and delivery. A visit with a physical therapist should be standard of care for every woman who gives birth via c-section or vaginally not only to help you with recovery, but also to prevent potential problems such as incontinence, pain or prolapse from occurring in the future. Scheduling a virtual visit as early as one week postpartum can help address any early concerns or pains, as well as slowly introduce you to safe movements.

Please get in touch with Dr. Mandi Kelso at 517-258-0132, call/text, and email her [email protected] to see how important it is to have a pelvic floor therapist before and after birth. If you’re one of my clients, please let her know, and she has a package just for you!!

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